Why Choose Nino's?

Nino’s Authentic Fresh and Frozen Dough is perfect for busy kitchens who want premium, handcrafted and authentic-style pizza and bread dough. Either fresh or proof-in-its-own-bag frozen, Nino’s dough saves your kitchen staff time, cuts labor costs and gives you the convenience of having dough ready when you need it. With Nino’s dough, you can expect consistent quality, delicious old-world flavor and very dedicated repeat customers.

Fresh Dough

What goes into every round of Nino’s Fresh Pizza Dough? Just the right flour, the right water and over 75 years of family history. That’s the recipe for dough that bakes up with that unmistakable Nino’s consistency—crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Made with all-natural ingredients, and with a six-day shelf life, Nino’s Fresh dough is an easy choice for pizza bakers.

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Frozen Dough

Taste or convenience—now you don’t have to choose. Nino’s Frozen Pizza Dough comes in a unique proof-in-its-own-bag so it responds to yeast just like fresh dough. With the convenience of frozen and the taste of fresh, Nino’s Frozen Dough offers perfection with ease for busy operators.

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Cut down your pizza baking time without cutting back on quality. Just start with Nino’s (Pizza) Shells. They’re sheeted and hand tossed, just as you would make them in your own shop, and then par-baked to give you a shorter cook time. Convenient and easy to use, Nino’s Shells are a great-tasting solution when quality is a must yet time is of the essence.

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Bread is such a simple product, but when Nino’s makes it, the art of bread making is truly elevated. Made daily in small batches, Nino’s bread dough is slow fermented overnight and hand formed for a rustic appearance. Baked to a golden brown, Nino’s bread contains no preservatives so you can truly taste that old-world flavor.

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